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Tallyprime on aws
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A growing business comes with its own share of requirements and challenges. A key consideration for you is making sure that as your operations become more distributed, your business functions as ONE unit seamlessly.

To streamline this for you, we have collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud service, to make our flagship product, TallyPrime, available on the cloud.

As a part of this collaboration, virtual machines provided by AWS allow you to use your TallyPrime license and data remotely, ensuring your operations run seamlessly from different locations.

Tallyprime on aws

A solution tailor-made for you

Tallyprime on aws

Collaborate with all the users and branch locations

With your business data being hosted on AWS cloud, it helps all the users to log in and work simultaneously from anywhere. What’s more? Even in case you have different users at multiple locations, they can still login in and work directly on the same data.

Tallyprime on aws

Secure access to business data

With AWS, each customer’s data volume is encrypted by default. Security is built into every component of the solution from user authentication using a separate password and secure PIN for every user to password protected backups, onboarding, operations, and management, and more. The best part is that your data is automatically backed up, so you need not worry about data loss even in exceptional situations.

Tallyprime on aws

Access to all features of TallyPrime from anywhere

With this solution, you can create invoices, view reports, generate GST returns and do all that is required to manage your business efficiently, no matter where you or your team is. As an owner, you will always get a consolidated view of your business at any given point in time whether you are at your workplace or elsewhere. You can access the product from the comfort of a browser (Chrome) on any Windows / Mac / Linux system or through a client application as per your convenience.

What makes this solution stand out?

Tallyprime on aws


While you are familiar with the trust and simplicity of Tally products, in AWS you will find expertise in cloud platforms. The solution has been tried and tested for the last few months, by teams at Tally & AWS, to make sure it works for you anytime, anywhere. It can also easily scale to meet high caseloads periods like financial year end and during other peak accounting periods. To know more about how AWS ensures high availability and security of data, you can visit this link.

Tallyprime on aws


The solution will be available to you at very affordable price points, worked out especially for the needs of your business and among the best in the industry for an AWS powered solution.

Tallyprime on aws


Not sure which usage plan works best for you? Need to add more users? Busy month? You can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade your plan as it suits you. A fully automated process will take care of your data and billing.

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