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It is easier than ever to manage your business on the go! The Self Service portal now lets you access your virtual computer through the web browser, so you can access your data wherever you are and whenever you want.

If you are travelling and don’t have your system with you, you can easily login to the Self Service portal from any system with your credentials and connect to your virtual computer with one click, giving you the opportunity to use TallyPrime anywhere for your business without having to install a client.


To be able to access your virtual computer you will require the following:

  • A user account with valid credentials to login to the Self Service Portal
  • Latest versions of browsers that are compatible with the Self Service portal for the best experience.
    Operating System Browser
    Windows 7 SP1 or above Chrome
    Mac 10.12 or above Chrome and Safari
    Linux Chrome (in testing)
    Note: Last tested version - Chrome 96

Connect to Virtual Computer

You can connect to your virtual computer through the Computer & User Management portal and access your data in TallyPrime without having to install a client on your local system.

  1. Open the login screen of the portal.
  2. Enter your Tally.NET IDPassword, and Secure PIN to login.
    If you are logging in for the first time to the portal, you will be prompted to set up a new Secure PIN.
  3. On the Computer & User Management portal, under Action against the account name, click the ellipse sign (…), and select Open Virtual Computer.

    This will open your virtual computer in a new tab.

If the virtual computer is in shutdown state, it will take around five minutes for the first user to connect to it since the system will start and connect. Following this, subsequent users will have direct access to the virtual computer and can connect to it immediately since the machine is already running.
However, you can start your virtual machine by clicking Start under the Action column. This will start your virtual machine in around 5 mins and selecting Open Virtual Computer afterwards will connect you to the virtual computer immediately.

Note: The Start option will be displayed on the portal only when the virtual computer is in shutdown state. Whenever you receive a connection error while connecting to the virtual computer, clicking on the Close Tab button closes the tab and allows you to connect from the Self Service portal. The existing DCV features will remain unchanged in the browser as well.

Disconnect the Virtual Computer

Once you have completed your work, you can save your data, disconnect, and shut down the virtual computer from the Self Service portal to ensure that your data remains secure. There are two ways to disconnect your virtual computer from the Self Service portal.

  • Close the tab manually to disconnect your virtual computer.
  • Click the computer name that appears on the top-right corner and select Disconnect.
    You can close the tab manually after you have disconnected your virtual computer.
Note: If your virtual computer is idle for 45 minutes due to inactivity, it will be disconnected automatically. You can close the tab manually and reconnect to continue your work when required.

Know Your Virtual Computer

There will be no change in the functionality of Virtual Computer when accessed via Virtual Computer Connection Client. However, there are a few differences when using a browser to access a virtual computer. For more information refer to Manage Distributed Operations Easily topic.

Print from virtual computer

With TallyPrime, you can record a transaction, create invoices, and print reports based on your business needs.

  1. Press Ctrl+P to print the voucher.
    Alternatively, press Alt+P (Print) > press Enter on Current.
  2. Press P (Print) to print the invoice.
    The print preview of the invoice will be displayed in browser.
  3. Select the required printer and click Print.
    A list of all the printers installed on your local system will appear in the Destination field.
Note: 1. When your cursor is over the DCV toolbar, it prints the current page from the browser.
      2. When your cursor is over the TallyPrime window, it prints the screen from TallyPrime, such as reports, vouchers, or invoices.

Download from virtual computer

When we download the file from a virtual computer connected through a browser, the file is downloaded to the browser’s download path. On the other hand, when we download the file from a virtual computer using the Virtual Computer Connection client, the files are downloaded to the desktop.

Availability of screen space

The browser’s features – address bar, title bar, and so on; occupy the screen space of TallyPrime when accessed via a browser. However, you can increase the available space to operate TallyPrime conveniently.

  • Browser Fullscreen: If you place your cursor outside of TallyPrime screen, pressing F11 displays the browser screen in full screen mode with access to DCV toolbar and pressing F11 again will exit the full screen mode.

    However, when your cursor is over the TallyPrime screen, F11 opens the Company Features.
  • DCV Fullscreen: If you click on the Fullscreen icon in the top-left corner of the DCV toolbar, you will be able to expand the screen and use TallyPrime to its fullest extent. Pressing Esc will return the screen to its normal mode.

    The following screen appears after that.

Shortcut Keys with Conflicting Behavior

Listed below are the shortcut keys that have conflicting behavior with browser features.

Chrome in Windows

Unsupported Shortcut Keys Behavior
Alt+F1 Switches between the applications open in the virtual computer
Alt+F4 Completely closes the application you are using
Ctrl+F4 Closes window or tab within a program
Ctrl+N Opens a new window
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab
Ctrl+W Closes the window or tab
Ctrl+Alt+I To invert selection of line items in a report
Ctrl+Alt+T To view TDL/Add-on details
Esc Exits the DCV fullscreen

Safari in Mac

Unsupported Shortcut Keys Behavior
Alt + 2 Duplicates Voucher
Alt + F1 Shuts Company
Alt + E Export
Alt + I Inserts Voucher
Alt + N Auto Column

Chrome in Mac

Unsupported Shortcut Keys Behavior
Alt + 2 Duplicates Voucher
Alt + F1 Shuts Company
Alt + E Export
Alt + I Inserts Voucher
Alt + N Auto Column
Ctrl + F1 Opens Online Help
Ctrl + F3 Shuts Company
Ctrl + F4 Opens Payroll Voucher
Ctrl + F5 Opens Rejection Out Voucher
Ctrl + F6 Opens Rejection In Voucher
Ctrl + F7 Opens Physical Stock Voucher
Ctrl + F8 Opens Sales Order Voucher
Ctrl + F9 Opens Purchase Order Voucher
Ctrl + Alt + B Shows Build Details in Calculator Panel
Ctrl + Alt + C Copies Text
Ctrl + Alt + I Selects all vouchers in Report
Ctrl + Alt + R Rewrites Data
Ctrl + Alt + T Opens TDL Management Screen
Ctrl + Alt + V Pastes Text
Note: You can resolve the conflicting behavior of the shortcut keys on the Mac system by following the below navigation:
      1. System Preferences > Keyboard.
      2. In Keyboard settings, select Shortcuts > Keyboard > Disable all options.
You will need close and reopen your browser for the changes to take effect.

For more information on the keyboard shortcut keys refer to Keyboard Shortcuts in TallyPrime topic.